The Palace Theater in Netcong, New Jersey History

The Palace Theatre of Netcong was built in 1919 and was a center of entertainment in northwest New Jersey for many years.

It originally showed silent movies and had vaudeville shows, and later talking movies & local high school plays & graduations.

In 1934 the Palace was renovated with the interior redecorated and a large marquee added at the entrance. The Colonial style fašade was covered by an Art Deco-style front in 1938.

In the 1930's the Hopatcong Broadway Players were a summer troupe of accomplished actors, directors and writers who used the Palace to practice theatrical productions before taking them to New York City and Broadway.

From the late 1960s onward the Palace faced competition from television and then multi screen theatres in the new shopping centers in the area. With a decline in attendance, the theatre was converted into a warehouse in 1981, it's history threatened.

In 1995, The Growing Stage, a Morris County Theatre venture for children, purchased the Palace Theatre and began the process of restoration with the goal of turning it into a regional center for the performing arts. They have fully succeeded and today the Growing Stage occupies the fully-restored Palace with a 240-seat theatre and balcony/art gallery with hand-painted murals. A modern concession area, rehearsal space and classrooms have made The Growing Stage at the Palace Theatre a center for many families today.

The Palace Theatre in Netcong is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Palace Theatre, Netcong NJ circa 1928

In this close-up of the photo above, the store on the left circa 1928 was a Grocery General Store, one of several in Netcong at the time.

In this close-up of the photo above, around 1928 the store on the right was a Photo Processing Store, Maxwell's, during a time when the Eastman Kodak Camera Company was producing cameras at low prices, bringing photography within the budget of the masses.

Palace Theatre, mid 1938, after the 'Marquee' was added in 1934, & before an Art-Deco front was added in late 1938.
A barbershop is now at right


"711 Ocean Drive" & "Crisis" were both films which
premiered in 1950. Judging from the phrase
"Newly Air Conditioned"
at the top of the poster above, that would be
about the time the summer daytime Matinee
became practical.
Netcong NJ Palace Theatre Movie Poster 1956
Moby Dick was released in 1956
Netcong NJ Palace Theatre 1958
These 2 movies were released in 1958

Released in 1959

Released in 1959

This movie was released in 1964

All 4 movies in the posters above were released in 1960

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