Historical Memorabilia of Netcong, New Jersey

Because Netcong was located at the intersection of several major state roads, as well as
having Railroad Depots nearby, there was much more commerce than might be expected.

The Romano family ran a large grocery store in Netcong in the 1930's that became a Super-Market. The 1940's era matchbook below has the old style phone number
Shortly after World War 2 they joined the Shop-Rite SuperMarket co-op. This matchbook cover proclaims "over 61 years of service", so probably dates to the early 1990's.

The Netcong High School Indians lined up in 1950.
John Giannantonio takes a set position behind his linemen in this photo of the
legendary Netcong High School football team of 1950. Giannantonio, at right, set high school records that may never be broken when he rushed for 754 yards in one game and averaged 594.5 rushing yards per game for the season.
Currently, Netcong, Stanhope & Byram send their students to Lenape Valley Regional High School, the old Netcong High School building is now used as Netcong Elementary School.
Mooney Brothers Dairy Farm Netcong NJ
The Mooney Brothers Dairy Farm was on Mooney Mountain, the hill that straddles
Netcong, Ledgewood, & Mount Olive. Their milk was sold both by delivery and in stores.

Another Mooney Bros. Dairy bottle

The Netcong Fire Dept. pin is just 2 inches high

THE ASSUMPTION SOCIETY is a religious and social group made up of those of Italian heritage which staged gatherings around Catholic holidays. This 1954 event featured fireworks from the LaRusso family  who had a fireworks plant on the east end of Main Street in Port Morris.

Drake and Decker Jug Netcong New Jersey 

Drake & Decker stone crock. This very likely was made to hold Apple Cider. Both the Drake & Decker families were amongst the earliest settlers in the area.

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